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Shocked Into Awakening

People are going through their lives miserably; dreading each day. They are MISSING every precious moment because they're always caught up in their heads THINKING. People are not living lives that are true to their HEARTS. I help them escape the mind, let go of negative emotions and connect to their heart's purpose.

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I am trying to make the world a better place

Our society is caught up in a pandemic of thinking, fear of feelings and depression. None of us were taught how to deal with overthinking, negative emotions or how to find our purpose. I was lost for 25 years before finding the spiritual path. I learnt how to deal with intrusive thoughts, let go of negative emotions and I embarked upon my heart’s purpose. I endeavour to help people do the same, and to find that eternal peace that resides within – NOT in external objects, situations or circumstances.

If you feel like you’ve been a slave to your own mind for the vast majority of your life, you’re not alone. I was stuck in my head for 25 years. You can hear more about my story in the ‘About’ section.



Shocked Into Awakening

Check out my videos that come from a completely unplanned, unrehearsed, and authentic heart space.

If looking at quotes for inspiration or motivation is your thing, come check out some of my words of wisdom.

Here you can find metaphorcal blog posts that come straight from the heart, outside a place of thinking.

I’m currently offering free 1 on 1 coaching. Together we can help you let go of thoughts, emotions and find your purpose.

Coming in 2021!

Attend my monthly free webinars where I dive deep into a range of topics, and facilitate group discussions.
In-person courses beginning in 2021!

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have, if you'd like to work with me, or just want to chat!