Who am I?

I am the awareness behind all the thinking, feeling and perceiving… Nah just kiddng, I’ll answer seriously. 😀

My name is Sanjog Sandhu and I live in the UK. I have stuttered since the age of 5, and through the years of pain it caused me, I was forced onto the spiritual path. Pushing my comfort zone became a regular practice as I stopped hiding and avoiding.

I found the present moment for the first time in 2019, and was quite literally shocked into waking up; realising that I had spent my whole life in a fantasy land that existed in my thoughts. None of it reflected reality in the present moment.

I also learnt how to let go of the painful emotions I was experiencing due to stuttering and other internal problems, and how to disidentify from the constant thinking.

I discovered my life purpose in 2020 and I help others to go on the same journey that I’ve been on.

What do I do?

I am a Forex trader and founder of Shocked Into Awakening. Shocked Into Awakening is my personal heart’s project to help guide people beyond the enslavement of their minds, and into their hearts.

I feel so strongly about this that I would gladly do it for free, forever. That is how you know it’s your heart’s purpose. I help people go on the same journey I’ve been; to let go of their thoughts, emotions and to find their heart’s purpose.

Because feeling good, feeling at peace and feeling grounded is the only real thing that matters in life. Everything else comes and goes. But you are STUCK with YOU. So you may as well learn how to exist peacefully, in a state of flow with the thoughts and emotions you experience. 🙂