Why are we all so fucking caught up in our minds? Why? We are STUCK in our minds, but none of us realise. It’s like we’ve become slaves to ourselves. We run around like fucking headless chickens, not having a CLUE what’s going on. We rush, rush and RUSH. For WHAT? We’re all going to die in the end anyway. Let that hit home.

We. Are. All. Going. To. Die. So why are you not following your heart? Why are you letting your mind dictate your actions, thoughts, behaviours? Why do you let yourself be consumed by this monster of a mind that we call our ‘friend’.

The truth is that the mind will not set you free. The mind is a monster of its own – SO many people try to tame it through affirmations, meditation, visualisation. All useful in their own right, but also USELESS.

There is a SIMPLE step to get out of your head. Just. Stop. Just. Let Go. All you have to DO is nothing. There is NOTHING to do, nothing to think. When you notice the incessant chatter of the mind whirring up like a noisy train, just let go. Step outside your existing realm of consciousness and experience the entire WORLD THAT EXISTS BEYOND YOUR THINKING. When you experience the world through the eyes of a fresh born baby, your world will change. Mine did.

I did a transformation course a couple years ago, and at the end, I was shocked out of my zombie-like mind state. I was suddenly THROWN into a whole new land, a land where my thoughts weren’t real anymore. I was FREE. Everything seemed NEW and exciting. I could FEEL again. I wasn’t TRAPPED in my mind anymore. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. This state lasted for a few weeks.

The truth is that if you want to be able to experience life as it is MEANT to be lived, you need to escape the mind and go INTO your heart. Living from the heart is the ONLY way forward, the ONLY way to redemption, the ONLY way to salvation. Do you want to go to your deathbed thinking, worrying, crying? NO, FUCK THAT. STAND UP, take responsibility for your life, your ego, and your purpose. YOU have the power to look at your own actions, your own thoughts, your own behaviour. Take that responsibility as a death sentence, because it is. It’s either let go or die in a zombie-state. I know which one I prefer. Do you?

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