We’re ALL blindly stumbling around, swathed in life’s confusing fog. Not really knowing where we’re going, who to follow, and whether we’re even moving forward or not. Life just seems so confusing to the majority of us. We feel like we’re lost in the fog of confusion and despair.

People are miserably traipsing through the fog, with their lights dimmed or flickering off. The spark in their eyes has died out, as they’ve given up on following their dreams. A zombie-like state of people exasperated has emerged; all believing that their light has permanently gone out.

The antidote to all this confusion we experience is to let our own light SHINE. If everybody let their light shine through the fog, we’d all be able to experience the beautiful path of life that lays ahead. But we’re all too scared to lead with our hearts and truly let the world see what light we have within us. We’d rather play it safe, not showing those around us our true strengths and passions, for fear of judgement.

We’re ALL doing this, unknowingly. And because we ALL do it, the fog never gets lifted. The fog of life only exists because we’re shrouded in our own darkness. Let your light shine, so that others can see it, and so that THEY can realise it’s ok for them to let THEIR light shine. 

Together, we have immense power, to lead the way, to help others, to guide them through their own fog. Let your light shine; it needs to be seen.


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