We sometimes feel CHAINED down don’t we? Stuck in our rut of life. Chained to the demons within. Chained to our current life situation; feeling like we can’t escape ourselves. We feel shackled and unable to breathe. Money, relationships, jobs, health, the future, the past… all seem to be a burden for us.

Consider that the shackles have been placed on OURSELVES. WE have put them on, and WE can take them off. Two people in the exact same situation can experience them totally differently. Why can a homeless person be happy with nothing, yet a millionaire is miserable with everything? It’s because of our PERCEPTION of the problem.

Our PERCEPTION colours everything we do. It literally CREATES these ‘shackles’ that we feel are tying us down. Consider that the shackles aren’t real. Consider that WE have the ability to PICK our perceptions, and take OFF the chains.

Take off the chains. Life feels a whole lot lighter when you do.


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