We have a canvas in front of us, with a picture of our life. We’ve become so USED to seeing this picture, that we think it’s permanent. WE have created our life with the brushstrokes of perception, thinking and actions.

We’ve been staring at this canvas for SO long that we think we can’t change it. We’ve been so used to looking at what our life is like, that we forget that WE created it initially. WE painted what our life looks like.

And just like any canvas, we can choose to start again. We can choose to paint over aspects of our life that we don’t like. We can change our brushstrokes; the way we think, feel and perceive the world.

Once we realise that we CAN change the canvas, everything changes. Once we start taking responsibility and control for EVERYTHING in our lives, we can CHOOSE what piece of art that we are painting on our canvas of life.

What have you painted, and what would you LOVE to paint instead? What does your life look like now vs what you want it to look like?

Start painting a new picture.


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