Have you ever seen how a baby interacts with the world? The pure state of innocence, wonder and awe that they’re in? They are so AMAZED by what they’re seeing, that it’s almost like they can’t believe how beautiful everything is.

That’s because they are actually SEEING what is going on around them. Rather than THINKING about it, they’re just purely BEING. And they’re filled with such amazement; it’s beautiful to see. That state of pure awe, as if everything is magical.

For a baby, their only goal is to experience that moment as it is. If they’re hungy, they are 100% focused on eating. If they want to play, they are solely focused on playing. If they need to cry, they are only focused on crying.

People think that adults are so evolved because we think all the time. But why do the majority of adults suffer when doing nothing? Why are so many people overthinking, anxious and depressed? Have you ever seen a baby not content with just sitting still? Sure, they might cry, but they’ll have a good cry and then be right as rain. What good is being ‘more evolved’ than a baby, if they’re happier than us?

We can learn a lot from babies. Take on their playful state of innocence that they’re in. Live moment to moment, ENJOYING everything you’re doing. Because you’re ALIVE. It’s literally a miracle that you are the person you are. The odds of you being born were miniscule. Yet here you are. Own that fact.

Experience life like a baby does. With wonder, awe and amazement.


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