Life is like a Rubik’s cube. Endless possibilities to complete it. Literally SO many different ways that you could end up living your life. Unlimited possibilities.

Yet we’re always trying to find the ‘right’ way to live life. Find the ‘right’ answer to it all. As if, by completing it ONE special way, then we’ll get a unique prize at the end. Spoiler alert: we’re all solving the same cube, and get the same result at the end.

What’s so beautiful about our lives is that each of us has a unique solution to our own cube. NOBODY else in history has solved your cube like your doing. Nobody. Think about that for a second. Not a single human being that has ever existed has lived their life like you. Amazing.

Stop stressing out about finding the perfect solution for life. There are too many to count. Trust that the way you’re solving is the right way for YOU.

Enjoy the process of solving the cube because, before you know it, it’ll be too late and you’ll be at the end of the cube wondering where all your time went.

Enjoy solving your unique cube of life. You only get one go.


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