We’ve been living in a PRISON within our minds for so fucking long. SO long. Isn’t it mad? How we feel like slaves to our minds? We feel like we’re stuck in the constant programming of the mind, unable to change anything.


Doesn’t it just feel like the mind is a computer? An old defunct computer that’s installed with a bunch of malware and junk that we don’t want. Yet we keep seeing all the shit on the computer that we don’t want to see. All the thoughts, beliefs, perceptions that have been installed over the years. All the stuff we’re trying to run away from.

Now, it might seem obvious to just UNINSTALL these old programs right? Just get rid of the old stuff, and install new ones right?


The problem is, is that only OUR MIND is the computer. Not US. We think that WE are the computer. We have become so attached to the computer, that we actually have forgotten what’s going on. We are the person BEHIND the computer screen. The one WATCHING what’s going on in the mind.

We’ve completely forgotten that we are the witness. The observer of our mind.

We’ve been trying to fix what’s ‘wrong’ with the computer this whole time. When, in truth, there is nothing to fix, nothing to change. It’s just a computer. They’re just thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

Step back, escape from the delusion in which you’ve been living; tricking yourself into believing that you are your mind.

You are the one that observes the mind. Try it now. Start observing. Ask your mind “What’s my next thought going to be?” And then WATCH.

If you find yourself asking questions in your mind like “What am I supposed to be doing/I AM watching but there are still thoughts?!”; then ask “Who is observing this thought”. Keep asking that, until there is no answer. Then, you have found yourself. The true you that has been there all along, silently watching. Silently observing you fixate on the computer screen and try to fix all manner of things that don’t need to be fixed.

Step back from the screen.


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