A speck of rust can develop on a beautiful shiny trophy you own. A tiny speck can develop without anybody realising.That speck can grow over time if nothing is done about it.

You notice this tiny speck and think ‘oh it’s so small, I’ll take care of it another time’. More time passes. The speck grows larger. You ignore it again thinking ‘it’s still pretty small, no big deal. I’ll sort it out later’.

The speck turns into a noticeable dot, and then into an ugly eye-sore as time keeps passing, and as you keep delaying the clean-up.

Before you know it, that tiny speck of rust has engulfed most of the trophy, and you just don’t understand how it’s happened. Now it’s going to take some serious work to get it all off. You think to yourself ‘I wish I’d done this earlier’.

That trophy represents your life. If you see something in your life that you don’t like, and you know it’s going to snowball later down the road; take care of it then and there. Procrastinating will only create a bigger mess in the end.

If you know, deep down, that the path you’re currently on is not true for you, then CHANGE it. You have the ability to choose where your life goes. The last thing you want is for you to wake up 10 years down the road, look back at your life, and wonder how it all went so wrong.

Take care of that first speck of rust, and life will be so much easier.


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