Kids get on rocking horses and LOVE them don’t they?! Absolutely love them. Kids get on, enjoy the ride and accept fully that it’s going to rock back and forth. And they have a great time.

Life can sometimes rock us backwards or forwards. It’s only a problem when you resist the way you’re going. When you THINK that you’re going the wrong way and you want to go in the opposite direction, THEN you have a ‘problem’.

That’s when life ‘sucks’ and looks bleak. ‘Nothing’ works out and goes the way you want it to.

Consider that life is like a rocking horse. It’d be a lot simpler if we just accepted that we were in for the ride, and that it was going to go in the direction it was going to go. Back and forth, back and forth.

Pain comes from resistance of what is happening in the current moment. Practice accepting whatever is happening to you. See if the pain is quite as bad as you think it is, or if a large part of it is imagined by a wild mind.


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