What is ‘I’? We think we know who we are. But DO you? Do you really?

Who are you? Are you the sum of your parts? Are you your identity? Are you your name? Are you the label people call you? Are you your gender, pronoun, town, place of birth? No of course not. Those are just labels people place on you. So who are you?

Recently I had a WOW moment in my garden. It finally clicked for me. We are everything. Everything is one. There is no fucking ‘I’. ‘I’ is the most selfish piece of shit creation that humans have come up with.

Think back to when you were a baby. Was there an I? Of course not. It was all awe filled wonder, amazement, excitement. You knew exactly who you were however – it was everything. There was no separation.

So why do we PAIN ourselves into separating every little fucking thing we see? Why do we separate ourselves into different groups? Races, religions, creeds, sexualities? What the fuck are we doing? It’s like we don’t want to be happy. It’s like we CHOOSE to be fucking miserable sacks of shit. Why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

The truth has always been there, it took me this long to fully UNDERSTAND IT. There is no I. There only IS.

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