When you look at a chair, you never question it as to what it’s purpose is. What it’s designed to do. What it’s features are. You just KNOW that it’s a chair. It’s designed to be sat on, has four legs and a back rest. No questions asked.

We don’t expect the chair to be anything different from what it IS. We know that it can’t be changed into anything else. We know that we can’t use it as anything else, like a bed or a flower pot. Imagine that. Trying to make a chair fit the role of a flower pot!

So why do we do this with people? WHY do we try and mould others to OUR expectations? Why do we try and change them to fit roles that they’re just not designed to play? Why do we try and force them to be the type of person that WE want them to be?

For some reason, we have this idea that people ‘SHOULD’ be a certain way. They should do certain things. And if they’re NOT doing those things, then we think that something is ‘wrong’ and they need ‘help’ or ‘fixing’.

Sometimes it’s easier to just realise that everybody is just being who they are. If that person is a chair, let them be a fucking chair. Don’t try and use them as a table. Accept the person at face value

Get rid of your past perceptions and beliefs of them. SEE them for who they ARE in this moment. Not the VERSION of them that you THINK they SHOULD be. Life would be a lot simpler if everybody lived this way. Accepting people for who they are.

Are you trying to mould people into your expectations? Are you denying that a chair is a chair? Maybe it’s time to stop.


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