We’re just getting knocked for six by our thoughts aren’t we? It’s like there’s a baseball bat smashing us each time we have a ‘negative’ thought that we don’t like. Or any time we’re having self-critical thoughts. Bash goes the bat.

We’re just taking a beating all day every day. For the ENTIRETY of our lives. Isn’t that crazy? Just constantly getting smashed over the head with a baseball bat. A thought comes – we hate it, and WACK. Straight over the head. Ow.

Another thought comes, we cringe and WACK. Another and another and another… Over and over and over again.

The irony is that WE are holding the bat. We just don’t realise it. Every time we experience a ‘painful’ thought, we RESIST it. We DON’T WANT it to be there. And so it causes us pain. Because we think that something is WRONG. That we SHOULDN’T be having these thoughts. So we beat ourselves up and hit ourselves with the bat.

Put down the bat. Learn to disidentify with your thoughts. They are NOT ‘you’. Think about. Would YOU really have half the bullshit negative thoughts you experience? Of COURSE not. So why do you listen to them? They’re just random noise that all of us experience.

Learn to just observe the thoughts, and let them go. As soon as you learn how to do this, life becomes a whole lot more freeing. Put down the bat and stop identifying with your ‘negative’ thinking. It’s just thinking. It’s not real.


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