Imagine if you picked up the best book ever. You’d heard fantastic reviews about the book, and that no other book could ever beat it. You were told that the final chapter had a treasure at the end. It had all the answers that you seeked, and if you got there faster, you’d be rewarded. But there was ONE caveat; you could only read the book once.

So you grab the book in a hurry and RUSH through it. Excitedly flipping each page in a whirlwind of emotions and eagerness. You devour each page, skimming through it, SO excited to get to the end. You NEED those answers that were promised to you.

You feel yourself getting closer to the end. You speed up. You can almost taste the end of the book. You wonder what the treasure will be. You keep dreaming about it as you read the book. Oftentimes not really taking in what’s on the pages you’re reading. You’re too focused on that final chapter, with the answers you seek.

You flick through another page, and you’re there. The final chapter. Barely able to contain your excitement, you skim read the whole chapter, looking for the treasure at the end. You turn to the last page.

The final words of the book don’t contain any treasure (or so you think). All that is written there are the words “enjoy every moment”. You put the book down in confusion; you were told that the end was the best part. You’ve been lied to. You’ve literally barely read the book, and you look back in sadness, as you realise you were only able to read it once. The book fades away in front of you. 

The book is your life. Take from this story what you will.


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