Here we are on the car ride of life. All on the same road, headed towards the same destination. Yet, for some strange reason, people try and go faster than others, have better cars than others, always compare themselves to others. We try and finish the race as fast as we can, in the hopes that the finish line contains what we’re all looking for: happiness.

So we drive and drive, always fixated on the finish line, always using the car ride as a means to an end. THIS part of the journey isn’t the part we want to enjoy – oh no, that will be LATER down the line.

So we race and race, sometimes passing other cars and experiencing miniscule moments of ‘happiness’, followed by intense moments of discontent as we see all the other cars far ahead of us, and the ones catching us up behind. We drive as hard and fast as we can, longing for those little bursts of ‘happiness’ as we achieve certain goals/checkpoints on the track.

Then we get to the finish line. And it’s over. Not just the race. The whole thing. Boom, done. No more car, no more driver, no more race. Just before we reach the finish line, we realise what we’ve done. We’ve MISSED the whole race. We’ve missed every single moment of it because we were too busy focusing on the end. We wish we could have done it differently.

Don’t make the same mistakes in your life. SLOW DOWN, life is NOT a race. Enjoy every second of the ride; it’s the only one you’re going to get. Stop looking for external objects to bring you happiness. Find it within, find it in the present moment. It’s all there is, and all there ever will be.


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