We put so many boundaries on ourselves don’t we? We limit ourselves to these tiny fucking boxes that we place ourselves in. A certain way of acting, being and living that we’ve gotten so used to over time.

We think “ok this is the way it is, this is how my life is, and it’s just how it’s going to be”. We can’t change anything right? It’s been like this for our whole lives – we don’t know any different.

So we settle for our boring job we hate. For our relationship we’re in that we know isn’t true to us. For selling our soul and sacrificing our heart’s calling. 99% of us live like this. SETTLING because we’ve lost sight of the young ambitious child we once were. That beautiful soul that thought the world was amazing, awe-inspiring and free. That child that believed ANYTHING was possible. That we could grow up to be whatever we liked. Do whatever we wanted. BE anything we wanted.

And then we grew up. Developed ‘beliefs’ about ourselves, that we heard from other people. Developed a ‘perception’ of the world that we picked up from our parents and experiences, that we believed was factual. Had trauma happen to us that scared that innocent soul back inside us; developing a hardened saddened shell of an exterior to protect them.

So we move through life in this lifeless zombie state, thinking that everything is ok. “Oh everyone else feels this way, so it’s fine”. We drink away the pain. We take drugs to feel something. We numb ourselves in porn and social media. Begging for some relief for the pain we feel inside. The pain from living a life that’s not true to us.


Who are YOU? Who do you WANT to be? Where has your spirit gone? Strip away all those BS layers of beliefs, perceptions and thoughts, and get BACK in touch with that innocent child. Who you TRULY are. Connect to your HEART, see what it’s saying to you. You’ve been ignoring its cries for far too long.

If your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions aren’t serving you – LET THEM GO. No one is making you listen to them. Consider that they’re made up by a child version of you to compensate for what was going in your life at the time. Consider that they’re no longer valid. None of it is real.

YOU have something you NEED to express in this world. But you haven’t been. Or you have, but you’ve been half-arsed and have been holding something back because of your ego. Let that shit go. YOU were put on this planet for a reason. Be who you’re meant to be and EXPRESS your true self.

The rest of the world is counting on you to guide the way. Let your light shine. The sky is the limit.


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