We so desperately need to play our heart’s tune. But so many of us get caught up in the whirlwind of the world. Of all the constant noise and chatter of the mind. Too long have we listened to others, gone by what they’ve told us. Adhered to the tunes they’ve put on the table in front of us. 

We’ve been MISGUIDED for too long. Having lived most of our lives believing that we have to sing to the tune of OTHER people. To listen to OTHER people, to WORK for other people. 


Do you think the most successful people in the world have that mindset? Do you think they dance to others’ tunes? No of course not. They KNOW in their HEARTS that what THEY have to give to the world is more important than anything else.

THEIR tune is so vital to them, that they would rather die than not live their truth. And THAT is how they become so successful. Not ‘motivation’, ‘hustle’, or ‘affirmations’. They simply follow their heart’s purpose with such belief that there was no choice but for them to fulfill it.

So why do we sacrifice our own beautiful tunes? Our amazing songs that we have to sing. We each have our own unique heart’s song that’s begging to be played. The world is DYING to hear our songs. Yet we shy away. We hide. Because we’re scared. Because we might ‘fail’. Because we’re so out of touch with our hearts that we can’t even hear it crying.

Our society has literally poisoned us by teaching us that thinking and logic is the ultimate step in human evolution. It’s all bullshit. If thinking is so amazing, why is mental health reaching a crisis point? Why is there so much depression and anxiety in the world? Why is it that monks can live lives doing literally NOTHING, yet be in a state of bliss?


Thinking has obscured our flute’s tunes. Our swan song has been masked by the ugly chatter of the mind. It’s time to reconnect to our true nature. Our true purpose.

Imagine a world where everyone set out to express their own unique potential. Their own magical heart’s song. What a world that would be.

What does YOUR heart want to express? If you’re not following it, WHY? 

Start playing your own flute. I can’t wait to hear it.


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