Let’s imagine that we own a tree. We’ve had it for our whole lives; ever since the day we were born.

This tree can be any shape, size and strength. It all depends upon how you’ve nurtured it. Do you water it every day? Do you provide it with the healthiest nutrients? This tree grows and grows depending upon the conditions of its environment. The strength of its roots depends upon where it is planted and what blockages are present. Is there ample fertile soil? Or is it riddled with poison and ungrowable conditions?

We look after this tree for our whole lives and expect it to be the best tree possible. Even if we don’t take care of it. Then, half-way through our lives we look at it, see that it’s withered, weak and wilting. And we wonder why. How did this happen?

We take the tree for granted, because it’s always there. We can look after it later right? It’s never going away so it can wait for another day.

Another day passes. And another. The tree continues to diminish. We become complacent. We let it wither; it’s riddled with poison.

Eventually the tree is a shadow of what it once was.

If only we had just taken care of the tree. The one constant in our lives. Only if only.

That tree is you. Are you taking care of it?


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