Life flows as a river. A beautiful river that carries us with it. We were born into this river and we die in this river. And along the way, it’s our blessing to be able to swim in it.

But we choose to swim against the current. For some crazy reason we frantically splash, and resist life. We hate what’s happening to us in the current moment. We fight, we resist, we suffer.

All because we think the river should be flowing the other way. The river isn’t flowing quite the way WE want it to flow. The river ‘should’ be doing something differently. We ‘should’ be in another part of the river. We ‘shouldn’t’ even be in this river – something is ‘wrong.

And so we suffer. We suffer, suffer, suffer. Constantly fighting against life’s current, longing for the direction to change, for the current to ease up, for this present moment to be ANYTHING than it currently is.


Habit? Conditioning? We’ve been taught that we have to improve, we have to be better versions of ourselves, we have to control everything in our lives. Maybe if we THINK hard enough, we’ll be able to have life happen exactly as we desire.


Whatever is happening in the river of life, is ALREADY HAPPENING. It is insanity to resist and wish it wasn’t happening, because IT ALREADY IS. People don’t seem to grasp that. Resistance of the present moment is actual insanity, but we’re all in such a habit of doing it that we assume it’s normal.

When you stop resisting, accept what IS, then the magic happens. The flow ebbs and suffering against life’s current ceases. You realise that it’s happening the way it’s happening and that’s just the way it is. It’s the way it’s always been and it’s the way it will always be. You relax. Hell, you even start enjoying it.

Embrace the river and go with the flow.


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