SO many people are WRECKING their lives. Running along with the crowd, blindly following everyone else. Everyone else that ‘knows’ which way is best to live life. Yep, get a job, work 40 hours a week for a paycheck. Live for the weekend. Spend 5/7ths of the week waiting for the 2/7ths of the week where you can actually do what you love and what you enjoy.

What kind of BULLSHIT is this? How can we be so blind to just assume that this is a ‘normal’ way of living life? You want to spend 5/7ths of your LIFE doing something you don’t even like?

What is going ON?!

How has this become the norm? It’s like people are completely unaware of the fact that they’ve been given the precious gift of life, and are WASTING it. Squandering each precious moment living in a state of apathy and depression. Wishing for a better future, but not actually DOING anything about it.

WHAT is going on?!

Please, I beg you, stop this absurdity. You do not HAVE to follow the crowd. You do not HAVE to get a job you dislike. There is another way.

The way of the heart. The path of fulfillment. The journey you take where you live life with no regrets. One where you reach the end of the road, look back, and think ‘damn, I really lived my heart’s wish’.

This road might be fucking difficult, it might be painful. Hell, it might not even ‘work out’. But you WILL not have any regrets.

What’s better – playing it safe and wasting your life, or living life and having no regrets?

You tell me.


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