Too long have we been crowded in a world full of darkness, despair and delusion. What is going on? We’re trapped in in our minds, scared to take the next step. Frozen. Can’t go back, can’t go forwards. There is only way to go. Inwards. We hide, we repress, we get scared.

What do we do?

How can we do it?

We’re terrified,.

But then you see, somebody shining their light SO brightly that iut lights up your face. A radiant beam of joy emanates from their being. You can FEEL it. You know that they’ve come to light up your life.

Their light unlocks something within you. A hunger you didn’t know you quite had. Suddenly you can FEEL again. You’re in touch with who you TRULY are again. Your light, your magic, your essence.

Where has it been for all these years?

You live your life to the fullest. Full of joy, love and compassion.

You look back at the end of your life, and thank the mysterious stranger that lit up your world. You wonder who it was.


That stranger could be YOU. Shine your light. Please.


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