Aren’t dolphins such kindred spirits? Don’t they flow with such beautiful energy? Don’t they seem so majestic as they flow through the waters? Why do we not flow through life? Why do we not swim through life as dolphins swim through water? Notice how dolphins do not think about which way to jump out of the water. Notice that dolphins do not have to stop, analyse the water, and tell themselves to HOW to get through the water. Similarly, we have lost the art of LIVING life, and instead we SUFFER through it. Swimming through life should be the best adventure we’ve ever had.

Do you notice how dolphins seem so fucking HAPPY when they’re swimming around? You ever notice how they’re at EASE, just doing their own thing. Do you think they’re worrying about what other dolphins are thinking of them? Do you think they’re waging war with each other and trying to murder each other? Or do you think they’re focusing on swimming through and ENJOYING the vast body of water that they’re in.

Dolphins never take it for granted that they have the ability to swim, so why do we? We flow through life fucking handcuffedd and blindfoled, always crying about why we’re in this state. How did we get here, why are we so restricted? Not knowing that we put the fucking restrictions upon ourselves. All we have to do is rip off the restraints and SWIM. That’s it, just FLOW. Flowing through life is all there is, we all have to do it. We’re all headed for the same destination, so we may as well swim the best we can and enjoy the waves of life.


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