Why do we treat each other like we’re fucking aliens? We look at strangers on the street, and peer at them with cautious envy, wariness and suspicion.

It’s like we’ve forgotten how to interact with each other. That it’s actually perfectly normal to speak to people…

We’re such social creatures, yet we live in such anti-social bubbles.

We’re such social creatures, yet we spend so much time anti-socially disconnected.

We’re such social creatures, but we spend the vast majority of our lives anti-socially plugged in to our work.

What has happened? What has happened to the joyful youth where you would play with any kid in the playground? What has happened to that non-judgemental innocence where everything was safe? Where everything was fun? Where everything was an adventure?

Instead, we’ve become frail shadows of ourselves that would do ANYTHING to avoid talking to one another.

We’re not fucking aliens. Talk to each other.


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