You’re walking through the woods with other people. Beautiful trees surround you. Birds are chirping, you can hear the lulling sound of a stream nearby, with gentle water lapping over the rocks. You’re walking and walking.

Then, the path veers off. There are two directions you can take. Left and right. The left path seems a bit more uncertain and less trodden. The vast majority of people seem to be following the right path. They’re telling everybody to go down that one.

Your heart strongly pulls you to the left. But your mind is saying you need to go right. The ‘right’ path is safer, it makes more sense, everyone else is following that path. You NEED to go down the right path.

But your heart is begging you to go left.

You see everybody else going down the right path, and you ignore your heart’s cries. Surely it makes more sense to go down the well trodden ‘right’ path doesn’t it? Everyone else must know where they’re going.

So you go down the right path.

You go along with everybody else. You travel for a few minutes. Gradually you realise that everybody on this path is looking sadder by the second. Everyone is complaining, nobody is happy. But yet people insist on continuing down this path as they’ve been told it’s the right one for them.

So you continue. For hours. The further along this path you reach, the more you realise how miserable everybody is. How wrong this feels for you. Your mind is convincing you that you’ve made the right decision, but you know in your heart that this is a lie.

Yet, you continue. You’ve been travelling for what feels like a lifetime. Finally, you reach the end of the path. And look back.

You realise that the journey you’ve been on has not been fulfilling. You followed everybody else, yet you feel empty. You feel hollow. Your heart has stopped telling you to turn around; it’s just given up. You feel saddened and confused.

You wish you had taken the left path. It’s too late now. You know that. Your heart knows that. So you complete your journey feeling incomplete.


Don’t let this become your journey in life.

Which path are you going to take?



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