You wake up super excited. You’re so happy – today is the day you’re flying to your special destination. The one you’ve been planning on going to for the longest time.

You jump out of bed, beaming with energy, get ready, and grab your already packed bag by the door. You rush out of the house, and jump in the cab.

You can barely contain your excitement; you’ve got a giant smile beaming on your face, from ear to ear. You share small talk with the cab driver, he feeds off your enthusiasm and you’ve brightened up his entire day.

You tip the driver, jump out of the cab and run inside the airport.

You’ve been looking forward to getting to your special destination for such a long time. You’ve planned it all out, what you’re doing to do when you get there, where you’ll eat, how long you’ll spend at each place.

You get to the check-in kiosk. No planes are flying to that destination anymore.


You’re frustrated. You ask what they mean.

No planes are flying there for another 2 weeks.

You’re in despair. You had been planning for so long. This is your dream destination. This can’t be happening. WHY now? WHY are you?

The kiosk lady tells you that there are hundreds of planes flying to another destination however, and 90% of people arriving in the airport are going there instead. She describes the destination to you, and it sounds mediocre at best. Your heart tells you no.

The kiosk lady describes how EVERYONE that goes there, LOVES it. ALL the people flying to that place go there, how can they all be wrong? It’s THEIR dream destination! There are so many reviews!

Your heart says no. But your mind is straying. ‘Maybe it’ll be fun’ you think.

The kiosk lady continues to sell you on the new destination, and you decide to go for it. You can feel your heart sink.

You check your bags in, and are trying to convince yourself you’ve made the right decision, but you have a nagging feeling in your heart – you’re not sure what it is.

So you get on the flight, feeling a little wary. You fall asleep.

Sunlight cracks through the plane window – you’ve arrived! Everyone else on the plane looks so happy!

You step off the plane, and follow the crowd to the holiday resort. You try your best to enjoy your time, but something just feels off… This place… wasn’t meant for you… Your heart knew where you wanted to go, but you chose to just follow the others.

You know deep down that you’ve chosen the wrong path, and have arrived at the wrong destination.

You think back to earlier that day… ‘What if I had just waited 2 weeks?” you think sadly, as you realise that you’ve missed your chance.


Would it be worth waiting a little longer to get to the place that YOU really want to get to?


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