BLACK AND WHITE. Why is everything always so fucking black and white. Polar opposites. Ying and yang. Right and wrong. Who made this shit up? We did. We as humans made these bullshit terms up, to separate ourselves from what truly is. Why does somebody always have to be right in an argument? Why does somebody always have to be wrong. What is so satisfying about winning an argument, in which you are the ‘victor’? – oh look at me, I am ‘right’ and you are ‘wrong’. Congratulations, have a fucking medal.

The very concept of black and white is so outdated. What ever happened to grey? Black isn’t even a fucking colour and white is literally all of the them. So why are we so obsessed with trying to see them in everything we do? We COLOUR everything we do, quite ironically, by painting everything in black and white. You can’t go here because of this reason, you can’t do this because of that reason. Says who? Why do we limit ourselves based upon our bullshit perception of this ‘black and white’ world? The only acceptable thing that’s black and white is that banger written by Michael Jackson. It’s like we’re wearing filtered coloured glasses with black and white filters. That’s it. Those are the 2 filters we’ve chosen for ourselves. We’ve gone to Specsavers, looked at all the different colours and though, nah fuck that, I prefer seeing things in 2 ways so lets stick with black and white.

CONSIDER that everybody is wearing these glasses, CONSIDER that people are walking around with their own VERSIONS of black and white. You bump into somebody that shares the opposing viewpoint to you, and you argue to death about who is right. They are comparing their black to your black, but to them your black looks white, and their black looks white to you. Little do either of you know that you’re wearing fucking glasses and you’re LIMITING what you’re seeing. LIMITING the beautiful colours around because you’re stuck in your selfish bubbles of ‘me me me’ trying to mould the world to fit YOUR fucking reality. Get a grip. The world has so much to offer, so TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKING GLASSES and enjoy it.

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