People are just fucking STUCK to the sides of the glass aren’t they? People are just clinging on to the edges of life, not knowing what the fuck they want to do. They keep telling themselves that everything will be okay, ‘look we can still see the other side, it looks so pretty out there’. But they’re fucking DELUSIONAL. They are clinging on for DEAR life to the side of the fish tank of LIFE. Why? Why do we do this to ourselves? Life is NOT meant to be viewed from the SIDELINES. Life is meant to be LIVED in the moment.

We just stare at other people living their life, seeking comfort in our familiar ‘stable’ position on the sidelines. Are we truly happy in our stability, our ‘comfort’, our safeness? NO of course fucking not. Yet we stay STUCK because we are SCARED. SCARED to just LET GO and ‘fall’ into the waters of life. Little do we know that, just by letting go, we will be swept away by the tide of life, and taken on the most miraculous journey. A journey we couldn’t even have conceived before. A journey we could never have even dreamt possible. 

Yet, we don’t let go. We cling on for dear life to the glass, to the familiar. We think that by letting go, we’ll drown in the terrifying ocean of unfamiliarity below, but the OPPOSITE is true. We are DYING each FUCKING second we cling on to the sidelines, to our comfort zones, to our safe spaces. We are literally WASTING our lives, for NO reason. What the fuck are we scared of? Of other people? Of their opinions? Do you think that’ll matter when you’re dead? Let me give you a big hint. NO. You’ll be 6 feet under, they’ll be 6 feet under; I bet you’ll be grateful then that you held back in every aspect of your life just because you were scared right? ENOUGH OF THIS FUCKING NONSENSE. Let go of the sidelines, jump into the river of life, and ENJOY the flow.

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