Everyone just feels like they’re being dragged down don’t they? Everyone you speak to, it’s the same bullshit conversation. “Hey how’re you doing?” “Yeah not bad, you?” Not bad? Not bad? People are hiding their truth – they are being WEIGHED DOWN by life. Suffering in silence, as the leaden load of life takes its toll, gradually chipping away at their happiness. Why do we feel so sucked down by life? What is it about life that feels so HEAVY?  Why do we feel like we have a 1 tonne anchor chained to our feet, dragging behind us every step of the way?

We’re carrying this burdensome load of our past experiences, thoughts, feelings, trauma; all just DRAGGING against the ground behind us. We make our way through our lives, accumulating more and more negative experiences to add onto the weight of the anchor. We complain, we rant, we rave about how terrible life is, yet we don’t lighten our load.

Here’s a hard truth for you to swallow – you CHOOSE to drag that weight behind you. You are making a CHOICE each step you take, with ALL of the bullshit of the past affecting your everyday life in the present moment. We CHOOSE to fixate and OBSESS over what happened in the past, what that person said, how they treated us unfairly, how we should have acted differently, how we were better in the past. WHY? Why do we do this to ourselves? It’s ridiculous. Constantly ruminating, reminiscing about better times, worse times, happier times, sadder times, more exciting times. We are CONSTANTLY choosing to drag this weight behind us; but not only that, we are turning around to LOOK at it every second of every day, rather than looking at where we’re going.

Consider this. The weight isn’t real. Consider this, the weight is imaginary. Consider this, you don’t have to carry it anymore. You can let go of the anchor that’s weighing you down. It doesn’t have to trip you up every step of your waking life. Cut the imaginary chains, and let go of the past. It. Does. Not. Exist.


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