We spend our lives fishing. We spend our entire lives focused on trying to catch fish – whether that be more money, security, perfect relationships, better bodies, more self worth; you name it, we try and obtain it. What would happen if we just stopped going after all these things? Would we be too scared to look inward and realise it’s all a waste of time? Would we be able to look at ourselves properly and finally take responsibility for all the things we have neglected? All the pain we have caused others, all the suffering? Or are we happy to blindly focus our attention on the end of the fishing rod – on the ‘perfect goal’? 

“Oh I’ll be happy once I’ve reached this, once I’ve got that, once I’ve done this. Trust me, I KNOW”. We spend our ENTIRE fucking lives trying to get the perfect fish. For WHAT? Are you going to take the fish to the grave with you? Are you going to eat it once you’re a pile of ash or buried 6 feet deep? No of course not. So why do we waste countless YEARS chasing after menial things? Chasing after that ‘perfect’ one thing that will make us whole again! What a bunch of fucking nonsense. Who says we’re not whole already? Who made this shit up? We did. Constantly trying to fix ourselves. Ridiculous.

Have you ever slowed down, stopped to actually look around and ENJOY the process of fishing? Our life is one big fishing trip, and we’re wasting it being focused on which fucking fish we can catch. It’s NOT about that. It’s about uniting with friends, laughing, enjoying the moment. Imagine a life where people actually enjoyed where they were, enjoyed the process, and enjoyed the journey? Rather than pining over a useless material object to mask their heart wounds.

You really think more money will fill that empty hole inside of you? You really think the perfect partner will fill the void? Take responsibility to realise that YOU create the void within you, YOU perpetuate it by ignoring the present moment, ignoring your thoughts and feelings, ignoring your heart’s cry for attention. Look inward, give YOURSELF the love you so desperately need, and watch the void disappear, so you can truly enjoy the wonderful fishing trip that life was supposed to be.


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