We are STAMPEDING through life. Blindly bumbling along, following the herd, hoping that somebody near the front has an idea of what they’re doing and where we’re going. We just BLINDLY follow, hoping for the best. Following hopeless heroes, lost leaders and tragic teachers. We put all our trust in these people to guide our lives in the right directions. Little do we know, that it’s the blind leading the blind. NO ONE knows where they’re going. We all just pretend.

We’re so desperate to get to the finish line. Always in such a rush to ‘get there’, that we don’t actually take a second to look at WHERE we’re going and WHO we’re following. Why? We feel like we NEED to get to some magical ‘other’ place, away from where we are right now. Because then we’ll have ‘made it’.

We cling on to other people that we think have it all figured out, just to be shocked later down the road, when we realise that the entire herd is lost. We’ve been aimlessly wandering in the wrong direction for far too long. It’s time to look at what you’ve been doing, where you’ve been going, and who you’ve been listening to. Who are you letting dictate the direction of your life? Are you trusting your life in someone else’s hands? 

It’s time to detach from the herd, and start forging your own path to where YOU actually want to go.


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