Have you ever watched a monkey on a nature documentary? The way they swing effortlessly from tree to tree, not thinking about what they’re doing, not pausing to analyse the next tree to go to. It’s all natural and spontaneous.

Have you ever noticed that they don’t cling to the trees they’ve climbed? They’re not ATTACHED to that tree, they haven’t claimed it as ‘their tree. They’re not scared to move trees if that tree isn’t quite serving their needs. They’re not afraid to try different trees, if their current one isn’t working out for them.

Monkeys just see trees for what they are. Just trees. Nothing more, nothing less. Just beautiful trees that exist. Monkeys don’t make up stories about which tree is better, or who is ‘right’ for owning which tree. Neither do they become OBSESSED with a particular tree, desperately clinging onto it for dear life, as if it were the only tree in the world.

So why we do this with everything in our life? Why are we so SCARED to change trees? So APPREHENSIVE before even climbing the next tree?


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