Blog 33 – Plane

You wake up super excited. You’re so happy – today is the day you’re flying to your special destination. The one you’ve

Blog 32 – Which Path

You’re walking through the woods with other people. Beautiful trees surround you. Birds are chirping, you can hear the lulling sound of

Blog 31 – Aliens

Why do we treat each other like we’re fucking aliens? We look at strangers on the street, and peer at them with

Blog 30 – Control

Who’s controlling you? Is it the media? Is it your friends? Is it your partner? What actions, behaviours and thoughts are they

Blog 29 – Lighthouse

Too long have we been crowded in a world full of darkness, despair and delusion. What is going on? We’re trapped in

Blog 28 – Wrecking Ball

SO many people are WRECKING their lives. Running along with the crowd, blindly following everyone else. Everyone else that ‘knows’ which way

Blog 27 – River

Life flows as a river. A beautiful river that carries us with it. We were born into this river and we die

Blog 26 – Tree

Let’s imagine that we own a tree. We’ve had it for our whole lives; ever since the day we were born. This

Blog 25 – Flute

We so desperately need to play our heart’s tune. But so many of us get caught up in the whirlwind of the

Blog 24 – Birds

We put so many boundaries on ourselves don’t we? We limit ourselves to these tiny fucking boxes that we place ourselves in.

Blog 23 – Race

Here we are on the car ride of life. All on the same road, headed towards the same destination. Yet, for some

Blog 22 – Book

Imagine if you picked up the best book ever. You’d heard fantastic reviews about the book, and that no other book could

Blog 21 – Baseball Bat

We’re just getting knocked for six by our thoughts aren’t we? It’s like there’s a baseball bat smashing us each time we

Blog 20 – Chair

When you look at a chair, you never question it as to what it’s purpose is. What it’s designed to do. What

Blog 19 – Ladder

Why are we all so fucking caught up in our minds? Why? We are STUCK in our minds, but none of us

Blog 18 – Rocking Horse

Kids get on rocking horses and LOVE them don’t they?! Absolutely love them. Kids get on, enjoy the ride and accept fully

Blog 17 – Rust

A speck of rust can develop on a beautiful shiny trophy you own. A tiny speck can develop without anybody realising.That speck

Blog 16 – Programmed

We’ve been living in a PRISON within our minds for so fucking long. SO long. Isn’t it mad? How we feel like

Blog 15 – Rubik’s Cube

Life is like a Rubik’s cube. Endless possibilities to complete it. Literally SO many different ways that you could end up living

Blog 14 – Baby

Have you ever seen how a baby interacts with the world? The pure state of innocence, wonder and awe that they’re in?

Blog 13 – Canvas

We have a canvas in front of us, with a picture of our life. We’ve become so USED to seeing this picture,

Blog 12 – Chained

We sometimes feel CHAINED down don’t we? Stuck in our rut of life. Chained to the demons within. Chained to our current

Blog 11 – Lightning

We are ELECTRIC forces of nature. We’re like lightning bolts zapping down from the sky, leaving a short but permanent mark on

Blog 10 – Fog

We’re ALL blindly stumbling around, swathed in life’s confusing fog. Not really knowing where we’re going, who to follow, and whether we’re

Blog 9 – Monkey

Have you ever watched a monkey on a nature documentary? The way they swing effortlessly from tree to tree, not thinking about

Blog 8 – Elephant

We are STAMPEDING through life. Blindly bumbling along, following the herd, hoping that somebody near the front has an idea of what

Blog 7 – Fishing

We spend our lives fishing. We spend our entire lives focused on trying to catch fish – whether that be more money,

Blog 6 – Anchor

Everyone just feels like they’re being dragged down don’t they? Everyone you speak to, it’s the same bullshit conversation. “Hey how’re you

Blog 5 – Starfish

People are just fucking STUCK to the sides of the glass aren’t they? People are just clinging on to the edges of

Blog 4 – Zebra

BLACK AND WHITE. Why is everything always so fucking black and white. Polar opposites. Ying and yang. Right and wrong. Who made

Blog 3 – Dolphin

Aren’t dolphins such kindred spirits? Don’t they flow with such beautiful energy? Don’t they seem so majestic as they flow through the

Blog 2 – I

What is ‘I’? We think we know who we are. But DO you? Do you really? Who are you? Are you the

Blog 1 – Heart

Why are we all so fucking caught up in our minds? Why? We are STUCK in our minds, but none of us