Thoughts and feelings are not real. Sure, they might FEEL real in the moment, but are they really? Have you stopped to actually look and analyse them objectively? Let me give you an example.

You’re on holiday at the beach. Chilling, relaxing. What thoughts and feelings are you experiencing? Thoughts: Pleasant, gentle thoughts. Perhaps no thoughts at all. Feelings: Happiness, relaxation, calm.

RING RING, your phone goes off. You pick up. Your car has been stolen at the hotel car park. BOOM, just like that everything changes. Thoughts: Frantic thoughts worrying if it’s insured, can you get the money back? Feelings: Panic, fear, confusion.

RING RING. You frantically pick up. It turns out that it was a different car. Just like that, all the panic drops away. You return back to the state you were in before. Calm and relaxed. As if nothing had happened.

Now, tell me, out of these 3 states of feeling and thinking, which was REAL? Which represented reality? None of them. So how can we trust our thinking and feeling when they can change like THAT, in SECONDS?

Our thoughts and feelings represent our PERCEPTION of reality, but not of objective reality.

Next time you find yourself stressing out about something, try and catch yourself. See if you can realise that what you’re experiencing isn’t necessarily reflective of reality and that it shall pass. It can be changed in an instant.

Your thoughts and feelings aren’t real.

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