A journey consists of a number of steps. Any goal you want to achieve starts with a step, and ends with a step. With a bunch of steps in between.

We stress out about all the steps we’ll have to take in the future. We become fixated on the final step to achieve our goals. Too often do we spend countless hours thinking about how we’re going to do something, and day dreaming about how it’ll feel when we’ve got it.

Just focus on the step you’re taking right NOW. Because THIS step is the only one that actually matters right NOW. It’s the only one that exists right NOW.

By focusing on all the future steps, you are actually MISSING the vital step you’re taking right NOW. So, by the time you get to the end of the journey, you’ll be happy for about 10 seconds. Before looking back and mourning all the steps that you missed because you were so busy thinking about the final one.

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