I’m sure you’re all too familiar with this scenario. Somebody says something that triggers us. In a flash we feel angry, and let it out by venting at them. Then we calm down and wonder why we said what we did. Or maybe we get triggered by something hurtful and spend the day feeling down and wondering why the world is out to get us.

We need to stop identifying with our triggers. We need to create SPACE between US and the triggered part of our being. With space comes calmness; an added ability to respond thoughtfully. Is it wise to let this emotion out at this person? Or can I feel it and let it go? Should I shout here or can I observe non-judgmentally?

Every time you let a trigger take you over, you are losing a chance to practice letting go. Observe the trigger, observe the feelings/sensations in your body. Feel them fully and let them go.

This, of course, takes practice. Mindfulness plays a key role here. Being the observer/witness of our thoughts and emotions is a must if you ever want to get out of the pain-trigger cycle of suffering.

We’re triggered, we act in ways that aren’t true to us. We get hurt. We suffer. The trigger remains. It continues and continues. If you ever want to resolve your triggers, you have to start being conscious of them.

Stop reacting, start responding.

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