When we’re kids we know what we LOVE to do. Ask any kid, and they will know 100% what they REALLY love doing. As we get older, we lose that spark and connection to the inner child, and we lose sight of what we TRULY want to do with our lives.

We fall into the usual trap of the 9-5, doing a job we actually hate, and fooling ourselves into thinking that it’s okay. “Everyone does it, it’s fine. It’s just life right?”

Wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way. We all know deep down what we REALLY want to do, what we REALLY want to create in this world, and what our heart’s purpose REALLY is. But most of us aren’t living it. It doesn’t make sense.

Are you living the life you’re meant to be living?

Sit down and ask yourself what you would love to do with your life, and see what answer pops up. Go with the first thing that comes up. Trust your intuition.

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