Getting started is the hardest part, I promise you. I know you’re scared of taking that first step, I know it seems

Quote 29 – Grab Life

Are you taking life by the horns? Are you fulfilling your heart’s desires? Are you truly living the life you want to

Are you the player or the spectator in your own life? Are you WAITING for something to happen before you start playing?

This is it. The famous line. “You are not your thoughts”. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. I’m sure you’ve heard it

Quote 26 – Need To Trust

Are you waiting to trust yourself? Are you waiting to trust the process you’re in? Are you waiting to trust that things

Quote 25 – Get Off The Bus

Life feels like a bus ride. The bus of life can feel too crowded. Too many people all trying to get to

Quote 24 – Your Herd

Who are you letting in to your herd? The people you surround yourself with have a direct influence on how you think,

The curse of ‘should’. One of the worst plagues on humanity that has ever existed. Thinking that we ‘should’ have done something.

Quote 22 – Ray Of Sunlight

Be the ray of sunlight that shines so bright it can be seen below the clouds. We live in a world swathed

Quote 21 – Be The Light

Often, the ‘problems’ we see in others are just projections of our shadow; the parts of ourselves that we have banished to

Quote 20 – Stop Reacting

I’m sure you’re all too familiar with this scenario. Somebody says something that triggers us. In a flash we feel angry, and

Quote 19 – Don’t Wait

Are you waiting for covid to be over? Are you waiting for the right time to come along? Are you waiting for

Quote 18 – Slack

Whoever is reading this – this message is for you. You’ve been far too hard on yourself over the last few days/weeks.

Quote 17 – Never Give Up

NEVER give up. It can feel like a tough and lonely road sometimes. But, even if it feels like you’re not getting

Quote 16 – Every Journey

No matter how hard the road ahead seems, always remember that every single journey has always started with a single step. Don’t

Quote 15 – Hurts You

Sometimes people can hurt us. Verbally or physically. We make it mean something about us. We take it personally. Just know that

Quote 14 – Believing

I’ve wanted to quit many times in my journey. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to throw in the

Quote 13 – Future Steps

A journey consists of a number of steps. Any goal you want to achieve starts with a step, and ends with a

Quote 12 – Keep Flying

You may have been struggling with a goal for a long time. You may have been feeling down about how hard something

Quote 11 – Lifeline

People cry out for help in many different ways. Very few directly ask for it. It can be seen in the form

Quote 10 – No Shame

People can be so scared to ask for help. Admitting that they need some guidance or assistance with ther journey can seem

Birds have the ability to fly, even when it rains. Even when they don’t feel like it. They always have that ability

Quote 8 – Release Anchor

The past has been weighing us down for too long. Too long have we spent dwelling on, fixating upon, and obsessing over

Quote 7 – Are You Living

When we’re kids we know what we LOVE to do. Ask any kid, and they will know 100% what they REALLY love

Quote 6 – True Path

You have something that is true to you. True to your heart. Something that needs to be expressed in this world. Perhaps

You have so much to offer the world. Each one of you is a unique expression of the universe. There’s not a

Quote 4 – Let Light Shine

Your light so desperately needs to be seen. I promise you. We hold ourselves back because we think we aren’t good enough,

Are you a player in life or a spectator? Do you spend the majority of your time actually LIVING life, taking action

Quote 2 – Power Lies Within

We always give away our power to others. We diminish our own accomplishments to make others look better. We sacrifice our own

Quote 1 – Thoughts Not Real

Thoughts and feelings are not real. Sure, they might FEEL real in the moment, but are they really? Have you stopped to